Tuesday, February 17, 2015

USB Tether BSOD and Fix

The Symptom:
  • Connect my Verizon LG G2 to my Miix 2 8 and enable USB tether;
  • Sleep Miix 2 8;
  • Wake up Miix 2 8, then unplug LG G2 - BSOD.
The Fix: downgrade the LGE AndroidNet for VZW NDIS Ethernet Adapter Driver from to

My 32-bit Windows computers have been suffering from BSOD or black screen caused by phones' USB drivers since Windows XP. While other phone USB drivers (such as USB serial port and ADB) crashes randomly, this NDIS driver crash is totally predictable and repeatable. In hope of fixing those random freezes,  I also went ahead and downgraded the following USB drivers as well:
I did not try the, because has been working perfectly. I'll keep an eye on other phones such as Samsung, now I know where to look for a fix.

BTW, the Tehtering Widget by ACM64 is very handy. Touch it to turn it on first, afterwards whenever you plug the phone to your computer, USB tether is activated automatically.

For Bluetooth tether, the Bluetooth Tethering On Off by nicumaru works well on LG G2.

In a connected world, it is good to have a dependable phone for all my devices, offering all methods - WiFi, USB or Bluetooth, wired or wirelessly.

[update] After few days, my Miix still crashed randomly by the LGE drivers. I disabled all the LGE NDIS, MODEM and Serial drivers and I have been using PDAnet (FoxFi) instead. So far so good.

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