Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fix Acer Nettoop PC

Several years ago I bought two Acer AspireRevo nettop PC, AR1600 and AR3610, because they are convenient and cheap, ideal for HTPC (NVIDIA ION graphics) and server (small and quiet). The AR1600 started to crash during or after boot about a year ago, later the AR3610 followed exactly the same behavior.

I was going to throw them into the recycle bin; so I opened them up (only one screw) to destroy the hard drives:

Then I noticed a screw on the heat sink looked loose. I removed the fan, turned ou all the 4 screws were loose:

I tighten up these screws and both boxes came back into life again. When they were loose, the heat sink could not have good contact with the CPU and GPU. Then the CPU and GPU overheat soon after powered on.

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  1. That's SOP for me when PCs conk out shortly after boot up. I've fixed about 6 friends AMD laptops because the thermal grease dried out and separated from the proc and heat sink.