Friday, November 6, 2015

Moen kitchen faucet leak

The 7560 faucet is very convenient and durable - 13 years of trouble free service. Eventually the spout started to leak water, down to the cab below the sink. The leak is even more in spray mode.

I bought an universal replacement from Homedepot for $22 and it works and the leak stopped immediately.

However, it is a little smaller to fit well into the seat; so I take out a plastic cup from the old spout and mount it onto the new one. Now everything is perfect.

I noticed that the spray mode is very gentle, nothing like the old spray which is VERY strong. If you are the original owner of the faucet, Moen will send you a replacement for free. The model # for the wand is 136829.

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  1. Moen is the top faucet brand. I am using it for 5 years now.