Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to open Viliv S7

I have not seen any internal photos of Viliv S7, so here we go:

Use something sharp to lift up all the 8 rubber feet and 1 plastic piece at the center to see all the 10 screws and unscrew all. Use a guitar pick to cut into the seam at rear (not the front). Once the rear bottom case is opened up, then go ahead and fully open it.

I was trying to see if it is possible to add into it a WWAN module, but seems impossible - must be soldered on board in factory. Access to the hard drive and replacing it are easy though.

For those who don't know but interested: Viliv S7 is a 7" convertible touchscreen laptop that runs Windows XP. I always say: 7" is the size for anything that's to be portable. Above 7", it is no longer portable but transportable. Below 7", too small to be productive or even usable at all.

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