Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shampoo, the bad ones and good ones

As simple as it seems to be, but buying a right shampoo is quite a challenge. You don't want to keep using the same one for years, like everything in life. When you try something new, you may end up with a large bottle you hate for months, such as this Head & Shoulders:

H&S dandruff 2in1 is usually very good, but this one sold in CostCo is specifically very bad. Almost no lather, hair do not feel soft nor clean but itchy after wash, due to the almond oil (I think). No wonder it is packed in large bottles, you certainly need to apply far more than usual to get any lather.

Another bad example, almost everything that has "Kroger" on it is garbage, this shampoo is no exception:

There are many good ones, but this Suave is only about $2 and it is as good, if not better, as a good H&S at doubled price. However, this one is very hard to find these days; a similar one without dandruff sucks.

This White Rain is sold for only $1, but still very good, just not so rich of lather. It is not marked as dandruff, but it works as so:

A tip: buy a transparent soap dispenser for $1, or use a used hand soap to hold your shampoo, much more convenient.

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