Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Insignia HD Radio Dead Again

I was walking on the street yesterday and suddenly no more audio output. Everything else appears to work normally, just no audio. If you google, this is a common failure in the 1st generation of this Insignia.

Amazing, this 3rd version still has exactly the same fatal, disastrous failure.

Wish Steve Jobs still alive and to be the CEO of all companies on this planet.

Why the hell nobody else makes a portable HD radio? I know the Zune HD have a HD tuner, but its reception is way too poor and battery lasts only few hours, totally crap.

Yes, I've tried all methods I could think of: turn it off and on, press the reset button with a needle, factory reset, plug in USB charger and unplug... Many times.

I'm going to open the damn thing and unplug the battery. Stay tuned...

Opened it, unplugged the battery for several minutes, still deadly quiet.

Back to the 1st generation with the initial firmware (01.00.00), although they require frequent pushing the reset button, but at least I can get them back to work. Now I have two dead Insignia, 1st (04.00.14) and 3rd (04.00.16) generations.

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  1. HD Radio is a scam!