Sunday, September 2, 2012

Firefox - the only full desktop browser for Android

I have not found a single website that it cannot do, including google blogger and boostmobile.

I have tried all Android browsers including Opera, Dolphin, Skyfire and many other unknown ones, none of them can log into boostmobile account.

It supports add-on like Adblock+.

This article is done entirely with Firefox on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, incliding screen captured photo inserting/uploading. But for everyday browsing, Opera is still the one - this firefox is too bulky and buggy, taking up at least 20MB space.


  1. No offense, but Opera is way 2011, so is Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.

    Try the stock browser on a newer device with Jelly Bean (like Nexus 7). You'll be amazed how smooth and fast a tablet browser can be (which completely beats Opera). Trust me, I just switched to Galaxy Nexus and then ditched my Droid X immediately because of this.

    1. I agree, I've played the stock browser on Galaxy Nexus and it is the fastest. But it is still a mobile browser. If you try FireFox on your Nexus 7, you might be even happier as N7 has more power for the hungry FF.

    2. One thing I like Opera the most: no matter how I zoom, text is always reflowed. All other browsers cannot do that, only double-click gives full lines.

      Even one more unique thing about Opera: when I type in text boxes, I always see full lines. With all other browsers, I cannot see a full line while typing.

      If you run Opera on a fast device like Nexus 7, it should beat the stock browser on every aspects including performance, as it is already super smooth on an old phone like Incredible 2.

  2. If you try FF aurora or newer, as of my post date, it has an option in settings to reflow text on pinch to zoom.

  3. I would greatly appreciate it if you re-tagged this page I'm a bit miffed your site says king of tweaks then lists Firefox for android but there are no tweaks listed.
    So either please re tag your page or I report it to google for falsely being listed in the top 3 listings with bogus info.

  4. Finding a good browser for Android is not a tweak?

    I haven't tagged any of my articles so far, all done by google.