Monday, September 24, 2012

Ultrabooks drop below $600

Just like what I predicted in my earlier articles, ultrabooks have dropped down below $600. My reasoning is very simple: if Apple can sell a similar thing for $1000 to $1300, there is no chance for other brands to sell for more than the half.

The Vizio was initially priced at $900, now $598 after only few weeks. The Folio is a great ultrabook and a great deal at $498. Both use the Intel secondary generation Sandy Bridge CPU. When you buy a portable computer, make sure an Intel i3, i5 or i7 2XXX CPU inside ("2" means 2nd generation). Older CPUs are not good enough and newer ones do not offer significant more benefits.


  1. If you still can find one, OfficeMax is selling Toshiba R835-P92 for $550. I think it is currently the best ultrabook for the money. It has an Intel i5-2450M CPU - no compromise on performance. At merely 3.2 lb, it is as light, if not lighter, as most ultrabooks, but it has a built-in DVD drive.

    I also bought a Z835-P370 for $600. It is the lightest ultrabook at 2.5 lb, only 0.1 lb heavier than the 11.6" Macbook Air. All other ultrabooks are above 3 lb, do not justify the big price difference than my 4.4 lb HP dm4. The dm4 runs cold with its metal covers and excellent cooling design. It is just a little too heavy, but for only $300 I have no complaint.

    1. I weighed the Z835-P370, it is 2.39 lb, exactly the same weight as 11.6" MBA. The Z835 is 13.3", so it is more advanced technology than the MBA.