Thursday, November 7, 2013

My view of the ASUS T100 tablet


This feature is only available in Intel Core i5-2/3### and Atom Z2/3### CPUs, such as i5-2150M, i5-3150M, Z2760 and Z3740 etc. This is currently the only HD video compression technology that is fast (up to realtime) without visible loss. Celeron CPUs do not have this feature and AMD CPUs are no compare on this regard.

The ASUS T100 has the Z3740 CPU with QS. Can it do 1080p HD video? First, you need a good video editing software such as CyberLink PowerDirector 11 that can take fully the advantage of QS. Compared to i5, two differences are:
  1. In PD11, when you preview a clip in realtime mode, sound and video are not synchronized. You may choose non-realtime mode, then preview looks like slow-motion with sound muted. This is still quite doable, not a deal break. i5 is fast enough to sync in realtime preview.
  2. HD video encoding is 2x slower than i5. For example, i5 takes 25 seconds to encode a 25 seconds clip (i.e. realtime) while Z3740 takes 51 seconds. The older Z2760 is even slower, about 3x.
Keyboard and touchpad

Although MS spent huge amount of time and effort to make Windows 8.1 a touchscreen OS, you still need a keyboard and mouse if you really need Windows. If you tell me you can without, then you do not need Windows in the first place and you would be much happier with an iPad or Android pad.

I have not noticed any issues with T100's keyboard and touchpad. I especially like the two-finger scrolling - not up to the liquidness of Mac but works like a charm. The buttons are loud and deep though.


Windows simply cannot live with 32GB or 64GB. If you tell me it can, then again, you do not need Windows in the first place. I heard that ASUS is going to release new T100 versions that come with 500GB in the keyboard. This is a fantastic idea and it makes this T100 perfect. Right now, a 7-oz iron is found in the keyboard, truly stupid.

So, ASUS invented netbook 5 years ago but it was killed by stupid restrictions from Intel and MS. Now, ASUS is reinventing the netbook again and it is doing it right this time with the T100. Will it success this round? Yes, if, and only if, both Intel and MS agree that T100 and its kind are everyone's primary computer, on road and at home. Because, iPad and Android pads have already taken the place of the secondary.

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