Monday, November 11, 2013

Touchpal HD is the best keyboard

for both phones and pads. First it is the only keyboard can show what I am typing in landscape mode:

Try it on your phone and see what you can see. Even Touchpal X (the phone version) cannot show. Actually Google Pinyin can barely show, but it has two big problems. First, the symbol and number labels are too dark and vague to be visible. If you have Google Pinyin installed, adjust its height to the shortest and try to find the ":":

If you adjust the height high enough, the labels become more visible, but then the typing area is masked in landscape mode.

Another problem with Google Pinyin is the arrow keys, they are available on the phone-pad layout only. And, you have to slide the single cursor key, very difficult, nothing like TouchPal:

This article is written with Touchpal HD on my Note 2 phone.

Abstract in Chinese


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