Friday, November 8, 2013

Panasonic G5 camera kit for $299.99

If you have been wanting a better camera that's smaller than DSLR, you may pull the trigger now. G5 takes perfect video that's equal to $$$$ dedicated prosummer video cameras. Its photos are better than entry-level DSLR's. Most of my published video and photos are its job.

According to past experience, $299 is the lowest clearance point for brand new Panasonic kits. So, if this camera fits your needs and you prefer new to used, you should not wait any longer.


  1. Sean,
    can you activate a verizon iphone 4s for page plus? My son gives to me and i am not sure if I can use it on page plus. I will pay you the necessary fee. Thanks. if you prefer, you can email me Thanks.


      4S should be straightforward.