Monday, November 4, 2013

VPS is the cloud star

Many of you have not even heard of it; so why you need VPS? Let's start with VPN. When you buy a VPN service, it has the following problems:
  • Blocked by China's Great Firewall, you still cannot access blocked sites from China.
  • Cannot use it on a mobile device (phones and tablets), because they all ping every 5 seconds or so - drain out battery in no time.
  • Available ports are very limited and are usually blocked by IPS and mobile networks.
  • Bandwidth is limited.
  • Monitored by FBI and Hollywood.
  • Cost $10 to $30 per month.
  • ......
VPS cost only about $20 per year. You get your own IP address, not so easily blacklisted like shared VPN IP. You also get your own Linux server, you can do whatever you need:
  • Install OpenVPN (VPN server) and avoid all above problems.
  • Install Squid (proxy server).
  • Install Apache (www server) to host your own website. Install GetSimple CMS so managing and publishing your website is extremely easy including photos, video and files. 
  • Install BIND (DNS server).
  • ......
Each above services will cost you far more than $20 per year, but a single $20 VPS does them all and, the most important, you have full control to make things work your way. The only catch? Linux skills required. If you don't have the skill, you may contact me and I'll set up one for you.

If you do know Linux, here I give you some hints:
  • Find a cheap and good VPS here.
  • If you need anonymity, buy a Vanilla gift card with cash and use it to pay for VPS. Do it in a public WiFi such as McDonald.
  • Select the VPS server location close to you, or west coast for China.
  • Select Debian 6 32-bit as the OS. It is the most easy and efficient.
  • Use the script to test speed.
  • Don't install OpenVPN Access Server, it is very limited and only 2 free accounts.
  • All the tutorials are on the net. For example, if you want step-step instructions for OpenVPN installation, just google "Debian OpenVPN install".
  • Post your questions here, I'll answer them as always.
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