Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reduce Photo Size - please!

before you send it out. These days phone cameras are 5MB or 8MB, a picture is a 3MB or so file, too large to send via email etc. On the phone, a very good free app for reducing picture size is Reduce Photo Size by shoozhoo.

It is very convenient to do. For instance, when you attach a photo to GMail, you'll see a prompt like this:

Touch on Reduce Photo Size, not Gallery (yet). This is the key. Then you'll see:

Let's pickup an image on the phone, you'll see the first prompt again. Touch on Gallery this time:

Then just pick up the photo, such as this one:

As you can see, the photo is 2.9MB @ 3264 x 2448, unnecessarily too large to view on most screens. Touch on "Reduce", and select 1280 x 960. BTW, you may do cropping and rotation too if needed.

Now you can see the photo's size is less than 200KB, nice. Simply touch "Done" and you are done! The reduced photo is very good quality, far better than other such apps' I've tried.

The reduced photo is automatically attached, you don't need to do anything else!  Don't worry, the original photo is untouched.

If you need to draw something on a picture, there is a very simple and good free app for that: PicCanvas by dev.kosiro.

To reduce photo(s) on a computer, the best and easiest method is PhotoResize. There are two ways to use this simple tool:
  • Method 1: Download the PhotoResize400.exe to your desktop, then drag your photo(s) and drop them on it. That's it, cannot be any easier. You may rename the "400" to any width, say, "1280".
  • Method 2: If you want more control on the reduced photo size and quality etc., you may rename the file to PhotoResize.exe and make a shortcut to it. Right click on the shortcut, select Properties, add this option line after the target:
 -cC:\Users\Mike\Desktop\<NAME>_1.jpg -o -m -^1280 -q93

Note: there is a space after ResizePhoto.exe, i.e., the entire target line should read like this:

C:\Users\Mike\Desktop\PhotoResize.exe -cC:\Users\Mike\Desktop\<NAME>_1.jpg -o -m -^1280 -q93

Change "Mike" to your user name, obviously. Then simply drag and drop your photo(s) on to this shortcut. In few seconds, you'll have new copies on your desktop. You may change 1280 and 93 to any width and quality.

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