Friday, November 1, 2013

Got two Panasonic GF3 with Chinese interface!

I've had many Panasonic cameras, GF1, GF2, GF3, G3 and G5, never seen Chinese support in them. The ptool hack adds an option for many languages including Chinese, but still no Chinese display due to lack of character library.

What's interesting is, recently I bought two GF3X on ebay and both come with traditional Chinese built in!

So I did some search, seems there is a service mode for initial language selection:

 2、非更换主板,只有后缀是 EG, EF, EB 和 EC的可以修改,其他的都不能改,但 EG, EF, EB 和 EC 都不是大中华区销售的型号,是否有中文菜单要看机器才知道。"

If you have a Panasonic camera, you may give it a try:

The service menu also allows you to check total counts of power-ons, shutter releases and flash firings.

BTW, there are quite some GF3X on craigslist, ebay and Amazon for really cheap ( about $200). The "X" suffix means PZ 14-42mm lens:

This is an extremely small package that's very capable on both still images and video. Its image (up to ISO-3200) and video quality is quite close to my G5's but it is only half the weight (12 oz vs. 22). If not for its articulate screen and EVF, I would have sold my G5 immediately. GF3X is my cup of tea - small, efficient, capable and low cost, it'll be with me everywhere I go.

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